About us

At Compare Drawdown we appreciate that choosing an income drawdown providers isn’t a straight forward task. We are a team of diploma qualified financial advisers who specialise in the retirement market. This has allowed us to build up many years of experience in all matters regarding turning a pension into income.

The new pension reforms have changed the way people are wanting to enjoy their pension benefits. Where traditionally purchasing an annuity was a straight forward decision (the highest income was best), finding an income drawdown provider is a little more complex. We have spent a vast amount of time researching providers to understand the qualities each company offers. There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan. It’s down to what each individual wants out of income drawdown. For this reason it’s important to prioritise your needs and wants. Is cost the highest priority or simplicity? Do you prefer to place your pension with an establish brand or are you happy to go with a less well known company because they offer a more cost effective solution?

At Compare Drawdown we take time to explain the intricacies of how drawdown works and then understand what you would like out of it. Our regulated financial advisers will then recommend an appropriate plan if this is the right option. We will also discuss other retirement options so you can be comfortable that drawdown is the right choice before we recommend the appropriate plan.

We are not tied to any life insurance company. We are ‘whole of market financial’ advisers, so you can be reassured we’ll consider the plan that suits you.

About Me

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Phil Handley DipPFS AwPETR

I set up Compare Drawdown as a result of speaking to many clients who were confused about what to look for in a drawdown provider. I realised there wasn’t a central place to view the ‘short-hand’ version of what providers offer.

Although all the provider offer an extremely comprehensive overview of their product, unless you’re familiar with investments, it can feel somewhat overwhelming.

I have therefore tried to simplify the key components of each provider on this site, together with offering my advice should someone want to let an expert arrange their plan.

Personally, I have 15 years experience as a financial adviser and specialise in retirement advice. With so many options and providers available in the market, it’s a full time task to keep on top of the ever changing landscape.

I spend time with my clients understanding what their needs are in retirement. Understanding the full picture is paramount to providing the best advice. I consider all other assets and liabilities in order to recommend the most appropriate course of action.

Once the needs are established, I’ll conduct my research to build a tailor made solution. I take care of all the administration, paperwork and liaise with current and new provider until the plan is in place.

If you’re unsure whether you need financial advice or not, lets have a conversation. I’m happy to have an initial discussion to see if I can help.

CompareDrawdown is a trading style of Smith Robinson & Co which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Registration No: 118992.

Occasionally we passed your details on to one of the countries largest retirement specialists, Retirement Solution LTD, when we can’t service your enquiry in an appropriate time. Your details aren’t passed onto any other third parties for any other marketing means, purely to help with your drawdown query.