Standard Life

Established in 1825, Standard Life are one of the oldest, respected and trusted financial service companies around. Employing 8,500 people worldwide they are one of Fortune Global’s largest companies by revenue. With 6 million customers around the global they manage over £320 billion of their assets.

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ABOUT THE PLAN: Standard Life have around 52,000 clients in drawdown, meaning they have a wealth of experience in this area. As well as ongoing charges, the customer service of a provider is equally important and Standard Life are consistent in winning awards in this area. The plan is only available through a financial adviser but they do offer in house advice if you don’t currently have your own. They offer 3 levels of plan to suit your investment experience or requirements. Level 1 offers access to 190 of their funds, level 2 gives access to over 2000 mutual funds and level 3 offers the full investment experience with a range of over 13,000 investment option. Pricing is reflected in the complexity of the plan you require. The pricing of the plans work on a fund discount system depending on the value of assets within the SIPP.