Risk level 6 drawdown funds

Risk level 6 is classed as High Medium. The asset class suggestion for this level is a mix of the four major area. There should be a higher weighting or exposure to equities in this level than a level 5, which increases volatility whilst seeking a better performance.

Below is a sample of the fund available in this risk level as an example. There are many more funds available depending on the drawdown provider.

Any platform or provider costs will be in addition to the annual management charge. Some providers offer discounts depending on the amount of money you invest.

The performance data was measured on the 4th Nov 2015. Click on the fund for current performance data.

ProviderFund1 year performance3 year performance5 year performanceAnnual management charge
AberdeenMulti Manager Equity Managed Portfolio3.728.430.31.5% (ocf 2.48%)
AvivaInv Multi Asset IV4.430.237.11.1% (ocf 1.68%)
FidelityMulti Asset Adventurous4.527.932.21.25% (ocf 1.68%)
InvestecGlobal Franchise13.842.1n/a1.5%
Jupiter MerlinBalanced Portfolio7.726.735.42.39%
M&GEpisode Growth6.62735.41.5% (ocf 1.78%)
PrudentialPruFund 40-807.424.9n/a1.35%
Royal LondonGoverned Portfolio 44.527.734.51%
SchroderManaged Balanced2.324.233.70.5%
Scottish EquitableGrowth Select Portfolio4.424.532.81.75%
Scottish WidowsPension Portfolio Two Pension2.92838.11%