Risk level 4 drawdown funds

Risk level 4 is classed as lowest medium. The major asset class mix in these types of portfolios consist of predominately gilts and bonds, with a higher exposure to equities than a level 3 but still some what limited. They should also hold a mixture of property and cash to provide diversification.

Below is a sample of the fund available in this risk level as an example. There are sufficiently more funds available through some providers.

Any platform or provider costs will be in addition to the annual management charge. Some providers offer discounts depending on the amount of money you invest.

The performance data was measured on the 1st Nov 2015. Click on the fund for current performance data.

ProviderFund1 year performance3 year performance5 year performanceAnnual management charge
AvivaMixed Investment (20-60% Shares)6.524.137.60.6%
BlackrockNURS II Consensus 601.913.4n/a0.6%
FidelityMulti Asset Open Strategic1.715.224.60.5%
Invesco PerpetualGlobal Targeted Returns4.1n/an/a1.57%
L&GMulti-Index 45.2n/an/a0.5%
LVFlexible Guarantee Balanced8.6427.337.60.95%
PrudentialPruFund Growth8.922.948.81.35%
Royal LondonLondon Governed Portfolio 62.415.123.11%
Scottish EquitableBalanced Select Portfolio2.917.627.41.65%
Standard LifeMyFolio Managed II4.316.630.61.15%
Scottish WidowsPension Portfolio Four3.823.638.21%