LV=are the UK’s largest friendly society and have been around since 1843. Covering a wide range of financial services including, general insurance, investments and retirement planning, they have over 5 million customers. This is achieved with the help of 5,700 employees in 17 locations across the UK.

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LV= offer a suite of retirement solutions from to income drawdown to annuities. They are also one of a few companies who offer fixed term drawdowns.

LV have been one of the more active participants in trying to reach out to those at retirement since the new pension reforms with a range of new products. Their literature is very customer friendly and doesn’t overwhelm those who are less financially astute.

Their main retirement product, The Retirement Account allow a combination of drawdown, fixed term annuties and/or annuities to be blended together in the same account.

LV offer a drawdown proposition that can either be a low cost solution (limited to around 140 funds) or a full SIPP, which is run through the Cofunds platform and offers access to around 1,500 funds.