Drawdown Solutions

There are an overwhelming amount of different drawdown combinations available. Through our experience and customer feedback, we’ve put together 3 excellent solutions that stand out from the rest. Click on the options below to find out more.

Low Cost Drawdown
Our best low cost plan
If you're looking to keep costs down but want the full flexibility of drawdown, this is might be the plan for you.
Provider established over 150 years ago
Top S&P 'A' Rating
Highly diversified globally and across assets
Portfolios for growth and income
Portfolios for all risk levels
Multi award winning company
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Smoothed Drawdown
Most popular cautious plan
This is our popular cautious plan which reduces stockmarket volatility but has given excellent long term performance to date
Provider established over 160 years ago
Top S&P 'A+' rating
Smoothed returns
For cautious investors
Largest UK fund of its type
Over £500 billion assets under management
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The expressed costs are based on the typical ongoing charges. These can, however, be more or less depending on the fund size. Displayed charges are based on £100,000 invested. They include provider charges, fund manager charges, and adviser charges. The Premium options cost are based on passive investment funds.